Michael S. Flannes

Michael S. Flannes

Office Phone: (601) 932-4663

Fax Number:  (601) 932-9270

Cell: (601) 942-9494

Email: [email protected]

Mike is a Commercial Real Estate Broker who has worked with Nancy Lane for 10 years. He has a long record of experience and achievement in the brokerage and property fields having worked almost 18 years with Deposit Guaranty Bank in Jackson doing their leasing and site acquisition work for branches.

Born in Atlanta, Flannes has lived in Mississippi since the early 60s. He and his wife, Dawn, have two children, Erica and Emily, and six grandchildren. He enjoys outdoor cooking and grilling, loves to hunt and fish and an active member at St. Andrews Cathedral having held several prominent positions at his church. He is also heavily involved with the Epilepsy Foundation of Mississippi for over 25 years. “Community ties add substantially to, not only my personal life, but also to my business life here at Lane-Harkins,” Mike notes.

“Working with Nancy and Josh is a real pleasure,” Mike says of what he enjoys most about his work. “Satisfying the clients’ needs and doing so with such a strong team like the one we have assembled here at Lane-Harkins gives me great satisfaction without a doubt.”

“The transition to Lane-Harkins has been a good one and the timing was right,” Mike notes. “Adding Josh and Gary to our team brings new levels of expertise in the building market and by providing us additional contacts—it’s a strong blend of talent here with several different niches covered.

Looking ahead, I believe we will see positive changes in the market, here locally and nationally and we at Lane-Harkins are poised perfectly to take advantage of those changes for our clients.

“Whether I close on a deal or not, I want to personally provide the best service I can to the client. That’s the bottom line in business for me,” Mike summarizes. “I treat everybody fairly; that’s what we all do here.”

Michael S. Flannes Interview

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