Jesse W. Lane

Jesse W. Lane

Office Phone: (601) 932-4663

Fax Number:  (601) 932-9270

Email: [email protected]

Jesse Lane is an Associate Broker at Lane-Harkins and has been with the company since 2001. Jesse works as a licensed auctioneer and land broker for the firm as well as providing general assistance in administrative matters.

“We work as a team here. Everybody is on the same page whether it’s to sell or obtain properties for a client,” Jesse says when asked about the strengths of Lane-Harkins. “By having several heads on a given deal we can come together for a better resolution; there’s no in-fighting—we find a consensus that works out best for who we represent. That’s our creed: working for the client through a united front.

We believe in honesty,” Jesse continues. “We are totally upfront at all times with our clients. It may sound cliché but that’s how we do business here.” Jesse answers, when asked what the greatest challenges are in the profession, that making sure clients keep their expectations realistic is number one on the list.

“The downturn in the market has skewed things to a certain extent when it comes to prices, contract language and such,” Jesse says. “We often spend a good bit of time in making sure that each party, whether buyer or seller, is clear on exactly what they want and need and how to best reach that point. It can be a long process but it’s a necessary one.”

When not working with the firm Jesse is an avid beekeeper and has a facility where he keeps bees in Simpson County. “I’m also an avid marksman and gardener. I have a variety of side interests and hobbies,” he laughs.

And what about working so close with his wife everyday?

“Even though our offices are right next door to each other, we rarely interact accept on specific deals,” Jesse admits. “But I have to say she is the brains in the outfit, without a doubt. She has been in the business for so long and has done so much even before entering the corporate real estate world—she has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she can share with our clients and put to their advantage. I rely on her knowledge and value it. We work very well together on all levels and it’s a real pleasure to work with her—even sometimes when we’re at home at night.

Jesse W. Lane Interview

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